GNA Presidency Council meets in Tripoli.

GNA Presidency Council meets in Tripoli.Tuesday , 20-12-2016 – 15:14:00

Tripoli, 20.12.2016(Lana) The Presidency Council of the GNA discussed in its ordinary meeting Monday in Tripoli several local issues. At the outset of the meeting the council held consultations on the formation of the new government and mechanism to name ministers and deputy ministers and bodies of the GNA. The meeting also discussed state budget for 2017, allocations and expenditure ways for state institutions next year. They also reviewed the latest developments regarding the issue of cash and rate of exchange, and assess outcome with the Central Bank of Libya and degree of commitment to what agreed to find urgent solutions to the financial crisis and the current economy. They also touched on the issue of the presidential guard and presenting the timetable for its preparation and appoint members of the presidential guard. The Presidency Council concluded its meeting by reviewing the security situation , and arrangements for operationalization of the anti-crime force, and laying ground work and plans to counter power and fuel issues. =Lana=