GenoVive and Delta Marketing Company joins force to combat the rising obesity rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 16, 2013 / PRNewswire – GenoVive, a pioneer in DNA-based weight management solutions, today announced the company’s partnership with Delta Marketing Company Limited. Delta Marketing, a subsidiary of the Alireza family of companies, is widely recognized as a pioneer provider of complete health and fitness solutions.


This partnership brings GenoVive’s innovative approach, using the latest advances in the field of nutrigenomics, the link between genes and nutrition, to Saudi Arabia. This patent pending process incorporates the use of DNA testing to identify an individual’s unique genetic make-up, which is the basis for customized diet and exercise plans to optimize weight loss and encourage long-term weight management and better health outcome.

One of the divisions of Delta Marketing Company, the Health & Fitness Department, has been able to successfully establish a strong presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1992 and is considered the authority in this field. It has achieved enormous success by delivering complete integrated programs that provide solutions and services which are designed to specifically meet the client’s needs, as well as consulting services to improve their businesses to deliver the ultimate fitness experience, all under one roof.

“Our partnership with GenoVive really fits in line with our mission statement to impact the national health status and enforce the next generation of personalized fitness” said Ahmed Shakhashiro, Business Unit Manager, Academy & Training Business Unit, Delta Marketing.

“We are pleased to forge a partnership with an innovative company that utilizes the latest technology in genomics to promote a healthier lifestyle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Vic Castellon, PharmD and CEO of GenoVive. “This exemplifies the character of a group of people that has driven Delta Marketing to the pinnacle of excellence which it enjoys today.”

Genovive’s revolutionary approach to personalized health makes use of an individual’s unique genetics to create an effective diet and exercise plan to ensure optimal nutrition for weight loss and an exercise regiment to obtain the maximal results from one’s workout.

This new DNA-based service achieves success through effective and innovative diet and exercise programs and supplements based on analysis of DNA samples and on additional biometric data. The DNA sample for these tests is conveniently obtained by way of a simple swabbing of the inner cheek.

The program starts with an easy-to-use, in-home DNA test which is accomplished through a non-invasive swabbing of the inner cheek. GenoVive’s CLIA certified molecular biology lab analyzes the results and assigns an ideal weight management program which includes both genetically optimized diet and exercise programs. The resulting dietary program includes optimum levels of calories, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. An exercise program is recommended that works best with an individual’s genetic makeup and unique metabolism to increase the chances for long-term weight management success. Both the diet and exercise program are presented to the client in an informative and easy to use report. The report gives the client specific recommendations for an ideal diet and exercise program best suited to their individual physiology and metabolism as revealed through analysis of their DNA.

The Health & Fitness Department at Delta Marketing is made up of three business Units that are complimentary to each other and work in synergy to create a full solution. The Equipment Solutions Business Unit supplies, installs and maintains the equipment that satisfies the needs of the customers. The Academy & Training Business Unit develops necessary skills for trainers to efficiently utilize the equipment supplied and certifies trainers using a globally accredited program. The Operation and Management Business Unit, operates recreational & social facilities, and promotes a healthy way of living under the slogan “Together for a healthier Life Style”.

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