GCC Education Minister’s Strategy Plan Team Meet in Doha

Doha, The team responsible to prepare the strategic plan for the GCC ministers of education will hold their third meeting in Doha coming Wednesday and Thursday. The meeting is scheduled to continue working on the strategic plan to form a committee of the GCC education ministers.

During the last two meetings the team identified the fields of joint actions to include in the strategic plan, in addition to collecting all data and information about the current higher education situation in the GCC including colleges, universities or research centers.

The team has also held meetings with the GCC ministers of higher education and scientific research along with their deputies in order to help develop a strategic vision and goals for the ministerial committee.

The development of the strategic plan comes in hand with the goals and visions of the GCC leaders for equality and Gulf citizenship which includes adopting policies to strengthen the student and academic movements between the GCC educational institutions.

The second meeting was held in Kuwait last December where the vision of the team was determined in addition to the outline that enables joint cooperation among the GCC countries in higher education and scientific research fields.

Source: Qatar News Agency