Gas oil cargo for Ceylon Petroleum Corp. was inspected and verified as conforming to contractual specifications : ENOC

WAM Dubai, 29th June 2013 – ENOC reiterates that the gas oil cargo for Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) was loaded and dispatched from Jebel Ali, after the cargo was inspected and verified as conforming to contractual specifications by an independent inspector mutually agreed by ENOC and CPC, a company spokesperson affirmed today.

“A different independent inspector inspected the cargo at the discharge port of Colombo, who reported that one of the parameters was not as per contractual specifications. Due to the nature of petroleum products, inspection results taken at load port and discharge port may vary due to a number of reasons. We are currently investigating the reason for the variation of the test results, and a detailed report is awaited, ENOC spokesperson said.

“Following the inspector’s report and pending ENOC’s investigation, CPC requested ENOC to provide an alternate cargo. As requested, ENOC promptly made arrangements for an alternate cargo to be delivered. In the course of making the necessary arrangements, ENOC was informed that CPC no longer required the alternate cargo. Nonetheless, as ENOC’s service commitments to CPC, ENOC will continue to render all such support and assistance to CPC as may be required.

“Significantly, CPC has not suffered any actual damages or losses as no cargo has been discharged, unlike reports by a section of the media.

“ENOC has a strong, positive and long-term working relationship with key partners in the oil sector in Sri Lanka. Over the years, we have served the country’s oil sector through supplies that have met the highest quality specifications. In fact, ENOC has since 2012 successfully delivered approximately 532,000 metric tonnes of crude oil and petroleum products to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC),” he said.

“As an organisation committed to quality, we review any feedback regarding our supplies seriously.

“At ENOC, we are committed to meeting the best expectations of our clients. We operate to the highest standards of corporate governance.

“We will discuss with the concerned authorities regarding the future course of action, and we look forward to an amicable solution that builds on the long-standing partnerships between ENOC and CPC.” WAM/TF

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