GAC GONOW’s Aoosed GX5 Sweeps Top Two In Production Category At 2013 Taklimakan Rally

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 29, 2013 / PRNewswire — GAC GONOW’s Aoosed GX5 Taklimakan fleet participated independently at the 2013 China Taklimakan Rally for the first time, defeating rivals, including Japan’s Suzuki, to become the first racer who, as a first time contestant, swept the top two in the production category.

GAC%20GONOWs%20Aoosed%20GX5%20racing%20in%20the%20Taklimakan%20Desert. GAC GONOWs Aoosed GX5 Sweeps Top Two In Production Category At 2013 Taklimakan Rally

GAC GONOW’s Aoosed GX5 racing in the Taklimakan Desert.


This is the seventh consecutive year of the Taklimakan Rally, also known as China’s Dakar Rally, was held since debuting in 2005. The 12-day Taklimakan Rally, held in Xinjiang lasted from June to July and finished in the oasis town of Hami. The 4,100-kilometer, 9-stage competition passed through the Hami Basin, the Tushantuo Basin, Taklamakan Desert and Tianshan Mountains. Complex terrain and sweltering weather tested the racers.

Aoosed GX5′s chassis suspension system — based on the Mitsubishi Pajero’s V31 chassis — is composed of a body-on-frame, front double-wishbone independent suspension and five-rod spiral spring-dependent rear suspension. The chassis was rigorously tested for precise calibration by Australia-based Prodrive, multiple spring coefficients tests and tuning with the complete vehicle as well as suspension damping to optimize the balance in maneuverability and steering response. Aoosed GX5 has an intelligent four-wheel-drive system, and Eaton Mechanical Locking Differential is standard in four-wheel-drive models, enabling self-locking and self-unlocking under specific conditions. 210mm-ground-clearance performance increases the vehicle’s tolerance in complex terrain.

GAC GONOW’s rider, Zhang Yali, said, “Aoosed GX5 demonstrates its excellence in acceleration, cornering, climbing and wading. The production model developed for commercial use is a more practical choice. Car buyers can be assured of GAC GONOW’s quality.”

After industry experts’ assessments, including the Association of Automotive Engineers of China, Aoosed GX5 won the 2012 China’s Best Maneuverability Technology of Off-Roaders, becoming the only Chinese off-road vehicle to have won the award.

GAC GONOW, a 51-49 joint venture between Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC) and Zhejiang Gonow Holdings Group, manufactures SUVs, pickups, MPVs and Minivans. The firm also has several sedan models on the drawing board.

GAC GONOW has three complete vehicle manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, Taizhou, and Dongying. The 485,000-square-meter first phase of its Hangzhou facility can produce 250,000 MPVs and minivans annually; the 268,000-square-meter first phase of its Taizhou facility can produce 60,000 pickups and SUVs, and 60,000 engines annually; and the 664,000-square-meter Dongying base’s annual capacity is 150,000 pickups and SUVs, and auto parts.

Since its first exports in 2005, GAC GONOW has sold products in over 80 countries in the Mideast, Africa, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The company plans to invest 6 billion RMB (approx. US$980 million) to reach an annual capacity of 500,000 complete vehicles. GAC GONOW is on track to become one of China’s leading proprietary automotive brands.

GAC GONOW is committed to developing China’s proprietary automotive brands and this year’s Taklimakan Rally reflects the significant improvements in Chinese homegrown brands’ quality. However, GAC GONOW’s success at the Taklimakan Rally is just the beginning. The company may still prove to be the rally’s dark horse.

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