Future bloc convenes at Center House, hails Arab Economic Summit outcome

Future bloc on Tuesday convened at the Center House under the chairmanship of MP Bahiya Hariri, to discuss most recent political developments in the country.

In a statement issued in the wake of the periodic meeting and read out by MP Sami Fatfat, the bloc welcomed the holding of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut, congratulating the state and its apparatuses on their work in this regard.

“The success of the summit is considered a success for Lebanon, its Arabism and people,” statement read, adding that Arab contributions are a sign of great confidence in the Lebanese economy.

The bloc thanked the participating Arab countries for their contributions, including Kuwait and Qatar, each of which awarded $50 million to the Digital Economy Fund.

Future bloc also expressed gratitude to Qatar’s announcement to subscribe to $500 million in government bonds.

On the other hand, the bloc welcomed the prime minister’s revived attempts to form the government at the end of the summit.

Future bloc urged all parties to cooperate with the PM-designate and the President of the Republic to realize the formation of a national accord government.

The bloc reiterated that challenges facing the economy can only be met and addressed by accelerating government formation.

Source: National News Agency