Funeral prayer performed in the world’s 3rd largest mosque for soldiers recently martyred in Azerbaijan

Baku: Azerbaijani Ambassador to Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Timor-Leste Tamerlan Garayev has met with Grand Imam of Indonesia’s Istiqlal Mosque, Professor Ali Mustafa Yaqub at his office in the mosque at the initiative of the Embassy, Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Indonesia told APA.

The sides talked about the bilateral relations, Azerbaijan’s role in the Islamic history and literature, opinions of great Azerbaijani scientists and thinkers.

Then, the Ambassador informed the other side about the difficulties faced by the Islamic world and Muslims, crimes committed against Muslims, as well as Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan and the genocide committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis and a number of the terrorist acts.

At the meeting it was discussed that although Azerbaijan chose the way of negotiations to put an end to the fact of occupation of the 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territory by Armenia and to end the violence Armenia, ignoring the demands of the international organizations, regularly violated the cease-fire negotiations and even fired on civilians, committed various sabotages and continues its aggressive policy.

The Imam was informed that one recent example of this is as a result of Armenians recent attacks 14 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed and a large number of civilians injured.

Prof. Ali Mustafa Yagub said they are aware of Armenian’s aggression against Azerbaijan, have always been supported Azerbaijan within their powers and spheres of influence and continue to inform the local community about the Armenian aggression.

In his speech in front of people after performing the Jumah prayer, Prof. Ali Mustafa Yagub told the audience that Armenia had occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s lands and spoke of the crimes that Armenians had committed against Azerbaijanis. He added that since 1991, over 20,000 Azerbaijanis have been martyred, nearly 1,000,000 forced out of their homes, and 9 cities, hundreds of villages and mosques therein have been ruined.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Ali Mustafa Yagub invited the people to join the funeral prayer for the 14 recently martyred Azerbaijani soldiers. Then all the attendants performed the prayer together and prayed for the Azerbaijani martyrs.

The event was broadcast by local TV channels.