Frontex: Number of Syrian refugees to Greece drops

BRUSSELS, Jan 28 (KUNA) — The percentage of declared Syrians among all of the migrants landing on the Greek islands has fallen considerably in the last several months, the EU border agency, Frontex, reported Thursday.
Although the share of migrants who declared being from Syria stood at 56% in the entire 2015, they accounted for 39% of all the migrants arriving in Greece in December.
“With an increased presence of Frontex and additional Greek officers, we’re seeing improved screening of migrants, which means that the number of people who were able to claim false nationality has been reduced,” said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri.
Frontex currently deploys nearly 400 officers and other staff assisting in registering migrants on the Greek islands.
While the percentage of Syrians has dropped, the share of Iraqis among the monthly arrivals in Greece increased over the last quarter to 25% in December, more than double the 11% in October and 12% in November, it said.
The average share of Afghans represent between one quarter and one third of the total number of detected migrants in Greece.
There were more than 880,000 illegal border crossings detected in Greece in 2015, it added.(end)