French police seize “hit list” at IS assassin's home – Prosecutor

PARIS, June 14 (KUNA) — French police have searched the home of the 25-year-old man, claiming to allied to so-called Islamic State (IS), who assassinated two police officers Monday and have discovered a “hit list” of high-value “VIP” targets slated for assassination here, police and prosecutors said Tuesday.
Larossi Abdalla, who was shot dead early Tuesday by elite police, had pledged allegiance to the IS organisation three weeks ago, according to evidence now being compiled, investigators said.
Paris Prosecutor, Francois Molins, who is now heading the investigation into the killings, said in a news conference that a “hit list” that included political figures, security personnel and even entertainers, like “rappers” was found.
“The killer pledged three weeks ago allegiance to ‘Emir Al-Baghdadi’…and to kill the unbelievers in their homes,” Molins said.
No details of who was on the list were revealed but Abdalla may have been working with other individuals to assassinate politicians, journalists, police and other prominent personalities.
Earlier, police sources said two people had been taken into custody as part of the investigation and Molins indicated at the news conference that a third person was also now detained.
The French Parliament held a minute of silence Tuesday afternoon out of respect for the dead police officers and Prime Minister Manuel Valls urged the nation to gather behind the security forces and support them in these difficult times. (Pick up previous) jk.nfm