French police raids detain three terror suspects

PARIS, June 21 (KUNA)-Three suspects believed to have links with terrorist activities were detained by elite police units in the Paris suburbs early Tuesday and police say the suspects may have been helping identify security personnel for attacks, media sources said.
The three individuals were arrested in follow-up operations after the assassination last week of two police officers in a stabbing attack in the Magnanville suburb, north-west of Paris.
A 25-year-old French national and self-proclaimed Jihadist, Larossi Abballa, was shot dead by police after the murder of the officers, a man and a woman, who were killed at their home. Larossi claimed in telephone and video broadcasts that he was “a soldier” of so-called Islamic State, but such a declared link only came less than a month ago, according to investigators.
The assassin did have previous links with “foreign fighter” networks for Afghanistan and Syria and had served jail time for these activities. “France Info” radio said that the three arrested Tuesday in the same area as last week’s murders were picked up for suspect activities, notably tracking police officers in the Paris region, presumably to target them for assassination. (end) jk.rk