French police arrest two suspects after deadly terror attack – radio

PARIS, June 14 (KUNA) — French police have detained two individuals for questioning after a 25-year-old man, claiming links to so-called Islamic State (IS), assassinated two police officers outside Paris late on Monday, media sources said Tuesday.
The assassin, now identified as Larossi Abdallah, stabbed to death a police captain outside his suburban home and murdered his wife, who was also a policewoman.
Their three-year-old child was rescued by elite police when they raided the policeman’s home in the early hours of Tuesday and shot Abdallah dead.
The attack has been clearly labelled a terrorist act by the government here as Abdallah told police by phone that he was affiliated with IS, which also claimed the operation in a message to French authorities.
“France Info” radio, quoting unnamed police sources, said the two individuals were picked up Tuesday morning by anti-terrorist police.
Abdallah had a history of petty criminality but was also sentenced to a three year sentence in 2013 for his role in a network to recruit “foreign fighters” to travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He was released early from jail as part of his three-year jail term was suspended and was normally being monitored for his behaviour.
He is also known to have been in contact with other individuals involved in networks linked with recruitment for fighters travelling to Syria, the radio report quoted police as saying. (Pick up Previous) jk.nfm