French Interior Minister Vows To Close Calais Migrant Camp

Paris, – French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has vowed to dismantle the migrant camp at Calais, ahead of a visit to the camp, telling a regional paper how the shutdown would take place.

In an interview with a regional French newspaper, Cazeneuve said he would press ahead with the camp’s closure “with the greatest determination.” Ahead of a visit to the camp later on Friday, he said the site in the northern coastal town of Calais would be dismantled in stages, while creating accommodation for thousands of refugees elsewhere in France.

“We have already dismantled the southern area in early March, and we have already begun in the north,” the minister told the Nord Littoral daily newspaper.

According to the latest French figures, the camp is home to close to nearly 7,000 migrants, including large numbers of Afghans, Somalis, Sudanese and Kurds, among other asylum seekers.

Source: Qatar News Agency