French FM urges reinforced cooperation against terrorism

PARIS, June 30 (KUNA) — In the wake of the deadly terror attack in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport on Tuesday night, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Thursday urged greater cooperation and coordination among countries that are targets of terrorist attacks.
Speaking on “France 2” television, Ayrault indicated that so far there were two French nationals wounded in the Ataturk attacks but that identification of the 41 dead at the airport was still ongoing.
In addition to the high number of dead, around 240 people were wounded when three terrorists opened fire and set off suicide vests in the international terminal at Ataturk airport.
At least 13 foreigners died in the operation which has so far not been claimed.
“What we are saying, and we are saying it more now, is that the fight against terrorists must be even more reinforced and coordinated by all the countries targeted. No country is being spared,” the Foreign Minister said.
He remarked that France was well aware of the impact of terror attack, having been hit badly last November when 130 people died and hundreds were wounded in a spate of shooting and bombing attack in Paris.
Those attacks, and a later attack that killed two police officers on June 13, have been claimed by so-called Islamic State (IS) or “lone wolves” pledging allegiance to the extremist organisation.
France is on the highest alert since the November attacks and has put a State of Emergency in place until July, which allows police and the judiciary to take extraordinary measures like arbitrary surveillance, searches and arrests and placing suspects under house arrest and imposing travel bans and interdicting public gatherings that present a security threat. (end) jk.rk