France, Iran look forward to promoting economic ties, combating terrorism

PARIS, Jan 28 (KUNA) — French President Francois Hollande and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani stressed on Thursday the necessity of enhancing bilateral relations, mainly the economic ones, and exerting efforts to combat terrorism.
During a joint news conference with Rouhani aired by the TV, Hollande affirmed that the implementation of the nuclear agreement and the resumption of economic relations between Iran and France mean that the two countries have joint international responsibility aiming to settle disputes, solve political crises and combat terrorism.
He said that although there have been different views, the talks were frank and paved the way for a new page in relations between the two countries, revealing that there would be a political dialogue between their foreign ministers to bring views closer together so as to achieve regional stability. On developments discussed between the two sides mainly tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Hollande emphasized that de-escalation and removing tension form a factor of partnership in the region, especially Paris has cordial relations with GCC member states, mainly Saudi Arabia.
Combating terrorism in the region needs necessarily a joint action on different levels like supporting political negotiations to end the Syrian crisis and the Iraqi government, and exerting efforts to maintain Lebanon’s territorial integrity, he said.
He underlined the urgency of Iran’s abidance by implementing the nuclear deal as a key pillar for a joint action with France.
He said that signing agreements and cooperation protocols in the areas of economy, culture, agriculture, industry and technology of aviation opens a new page in relations between Paris and Tehran.
On his part, Rouhani described meetings between the Iranian and French companies as “fruitful,” expressing his hope that this could be in favor of the interest of the two sides.
He said France played a key role in the negotiations of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the world powers, stressing that his country will be keen on meeting its commitments as long as the other parties make the same move.
Rouhani voiced his hope that tension between Tehran and Riyadh could be tackled through “diplomatic means”, despite differences between the two countries.
He stressed the importance of supporting the Syrian people to determine their fate and combat terrorism, calling for maintaining Iraq’s unity and combating terrorism there.
Paris was the second leg of Iran’s President tour to Europe after Rome that aimed to promote economic ties after the nuclear deal came into effect and the Western sanctions imposed on Tehran were lifted. (end)