France does not favour break up of UK after Brexit – Ayrault

PARIS, June 30 (KUNA) — France does not want to see the United Kingdom “dismantled” with the breakaway of Scotland which wants to remain in the European Union after Britain’s “Brexit” vote to leave the EU, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Thursday.
Asked on “France 2” television if the EU should consider taking in Scotland which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the Union, Ayrault said he was opposed to any negotiations of this sort.
Scottish leaders have called for an independence referendum which if voted could allow them to apply for EU membership. Some politicians in Northern Ireland, which also supported the “Remain” in the European Union campaign, have been making similar noises. “Europe in no case should contribute to dismantling nations,” Ayrault said in the interview.
He said all European Nations had their “history” and that this should be respected.
Spain has also expressed objections to any negotiations with Scotland as a separate entity because Madrid fears this could fuel separatist aspirations in some regions, notably in Catalonia. (pickup previous) jk.rk