France condemns deadly attack on Jordanian security post

PARIS, June 6 (KUNA) — The French Government condemned on Monday the violent attack that targeted officers of the Jordanian intelligence in Al-Baqa’a northwest of the Jordanian capital.
The French Foreign Ministry denounced in a statement the “terrorist attack on the Jordanian intelligence building in the refugee camp in Al-Baqa’a northwest of Amman,” inflicting five deaths.
It affirmed standing on side of the Jordanian Government and people in “combating terrorism,” and expressed sorrow to families of the victims.
At least three Jordanian intelligence officers lost their life in the armed assault, staged earlier today.
The ministry also denounced an attack on a convoy of the Afghan Army in Hemland. One American journalist and an Afghan translator died in the incident. It expressed condolences to families of the victims and reiterated support for the Afghan Government in “the war against terrorism.” (end) mmb.rk