For the First Time In UAE, Ministry of Social Affairs Launches Positive Cancer Foundation

WAM Abu Dhabi, June 15th, 2013 – The Ministry of Social Affairs has recently launched Positive Cancer Foundation (C+) in Abu Dhabi, to be the first foundation of its kind in the UAE, which is officially recognized as an independent institution with organized mission, goals and activities among an outlined strategy aiming to spread community awareness.

The launching recognition of the Foundation was the outcome of the official trust of the Foundation’s objectives that will contribute in spreading awareness of Cancer, providing the means for a positive coexistence between the society and Cancer patients; with the collaboration of official and relevant authorities in the UAE.

In this respect, Amal A. Al Haddabi, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Positive Cancer Foundation, said: “I highly appreciate the relevant officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs headed by Minister Mariam Al Roumi, for their relentless efforts and major role in achieving the establishment of the Foundation. The concept of establishing the Foundation is based totally on pure humanitarian objectives after a thorough research conducted by the founding members and the person behind the initiative Reem Al Buainain, that concluded the absence of such institutions in the UAE. In the near future and for the long run, such institutes would play a major role in achieving a vital, tangible and positive change within their quality structure that would encompass an educational and rehabilitation role for Cancer patients. Such role would result in a positive effect on the lives of Cancer patients and their nucleus communities psychologically, which in its turn would reflect positively on the stages of treatment; hence, achieving the main objective of treatment that aims at increasing the percentage of the possibility for a cure, minimizing the time period needed for the cure, and lowering the financial costs.

”In addition to supporting the patient in overcoming the difficult stages of the disease and the role needed to exist among his family and community, where the Foundation focuses its attention on the patients themselves and the possible means to improve their quality of life while struggling with Cancer, which would obviously affect positively their productivity and interaction with society,” she said.

“Positive Cancer Foundation is considered one of the many initiatives aiming at serving humanity that receive extraordinary financial and moral support from the UAE Government. This support is in order to achieve the highest goals compatible with the futuristic vision of our Government with respect to human care and the means to overcome all the obstacles facing the individuals in all scope of life; to provide them with a healthy social environment that serves their social and practical daily way of life. It is a vision that includes the spreading of health education among members of the society to contribute in improving the situation of Cancer patients via adopting proper healthy practices that benefit all aspects of their lives,” added Al Haddabi.

Al Haddabi continued: “In collaboration with relevant specialists, it is expected from this new Foundation to contribute in the safety and health of the members of society; to increase health education and awareness; to support the daily life programs that aim to achieve a positive change in the daily health practices and attitudes of the individuals; and to work on improving and positively changing Cancer patients’ way of life regardless of their age, gender and education, through spreading and strengthening the spirit of social interdependence and cooperation.” “One of the main objectives of Positive Cancer Foundation is providing awareness of the means of dealing with Cancer among the patients and their communities, starting with the very moment the disease is diagnosed. That is in addition to establishing an electronic database on Cancer and how to deal with it at every stage. The Foundation also seeks improving and changing positively the patients’ way of life through spreading and enhancing social interdependence and cooperation, prioritizing the focusing on providing awareness on the nature of Cancer and the means to treat it,” concluded Al Haddabi.

On the other hand, Reem Al Buainain, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Positive Cancer Foundation, said: “Since we live in the age of information and communications technology, the results of the Foundation’s research team discovered the absence of any beneficial electronic database on Cancer medical treatment. Hence, Positive Cancer Foundation has taken it upon itself to establish a beneficial medical electronic database on Cancer.” “The existing concept and essential foundation, on which Positive Cancer Foundation philosophy is based, are the importance of the existence of a specialized authority to treat Cancer patients and the healthy individuals who are in direct contact with the patients, encompassing skills capable of encouraging and empowering positive thinking, keeping the patients’ morale high, enabling positive coexistence with Cancer, and providing the patients with the strength to face it; regardless of the patients’ age, gender and education. In short, the main objective is to provide the patients with hope,” added Al Buainain.

“Positive Cancer Foundation is established under the Ministerial Decision No. (155) of 2013, where the Foundation has achieved the Legal Personality Statues under the umbrella of the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs and is subject to the provisions of the Federal Law No. (2) of 2008, regarding the establishment of public benefit associations and NGOs. The Foundation’s headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, where its legal scope of activities is spread all over the UAE in order to achieve its many honorable objectives through working on positively changing and improving the lifestyle of Cancer patients via spreading and enhancing social interdependence and cooperation, prioritizing the focusing on providing awareness on the nature of Cancer and the means to treat it,” concluded Al Buainain.

The members of Positive Cancer Foundation are a group of young and ambitious UAE Nationals, gathered to establish this institution to serve their homeland in specific, and humanity in general. They are all specialized in different fields hence, providing a variety of skills and backgrounds for their institution to become an integrated body including medical doctors and social and psychological specialists capable of meeting the needs of Cancer patients in all aspects.

In the final analysis, Positive Cancer Foundation is the outcome and the byproduct of an effective social initiative launched around a year and a half ago via social media. It received support and encouragement from a variety of individuals from diverse social backgrounds. It was established by Reem Al Buainain via a personal account on Twitter, where it depended on individual and institutional non-financial contributions, assisting the spreading of cultural positive coexistence with Cancer and the means to beat it.


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