Food Feedback Mobile App Now Available In Arabic, Turkish & Japanese


– Food Photo Sharing App Builds Community, Offers Culturally Diverse Culinary Inspiration

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4, 2014 / PRNewswire – The iPhone version of Food Feedback is now available in Arabic, Turkish and Japanese. Designed to encourage healthy eating and culinary creativity, the app allows our community to take photos of their meals and share them with family, friends or crowd-sourced coaches who can comment to offer encouragement or advice.

“Since we introduced Food Feedback mobile app users have interacted about their food, made new friends, some have lost weight and many have shared images of the dishes they are the most proud of making,” said Denise Duffy, Food Feedback co-founder. “The more than 78,000 interactions have demonstrated that people have the desire to share their passion and common love of food.”

Food Feedback takes advantage of people taking pictures with their iPhones. The concept is based on the idea that people will slow down and make healthier food choices if they are taking photos of their meals to share with others. The app’s goal is to change eating habits by encouraging consumption of quality, colorful, nutritious foods, and allowing for regular, positive interactions with others.

Foodies inspired by artfully crafted dishes can use Food Feedback to connect with like-minded people, sharing photos of their own creations or those from restaurants. For personal trainers, dieticians and other health professionals, Food Feedback offers a new opportunity to connect with clients to improve results.

Food Feedback’s proprietary Tracker integrates the ability to record the user’s weight, pairing it alongside images of meals they’ve documented between weigh-ins. The first-of-its-kind Tracker allows users to correlate results with the visual history of their food choices.

Food Feedback iPhone App is available for free in Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish. On the Android devices it is available in Spanish and English. For more information, visit

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About Food Feedback
Food Feedback is designed to encourage people to slow down and make healthier food choices. By sharing photos of meals, and asking people to provide feedback, users have a new way to connect with family and friends, personal trainers, or other food fans interested in creating beautiful, healthy meals and improving eating habits.

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