Fliers can travel from Oman to United Kingdom from this week


Starting September 22, passengers can once again board flights bound to the UK from Oman.

Oman will be moved to the UK’s amber list, which allows people to travel to the UK, while following certain protocols.

The country is currently on the red list, under which only British nationals and those with valid residency can travel to Britain.

Those who do travel to England from amber list countries have to take a PCR test 48 hours before arriving in the country, and also booking and paying for two more COVID-19 tests that need to be taken on arrival.

Travellers are required to also complete a passenger locator form (PLF), which carries details about where they plan to stay on arrival.

Once in the country, they need to isolate for 10 days and take PCR tests on the second and eighth days.

Different rules are in place for people travelling to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

In keeping with Oman moving to the amber list, Oman Air has launched bi-weekly flights from Muscat to London.

“If the day two PCR test is positive, then 10 days isolation is mandatory,” said the airline in a statement.

“No hotel quarantine is required – only isolation at home or a hotel chosen by the guest and declared on the PLF. Self-isolation is required for 10 days but can be brought forward to day five, using the “Test to Release” scheme, by using a private COVID-19 test. If proven negative, the isolation is brought forward to day five.”

The UK will follow an overhauled international travel system starting October 4, wherein a new two-tiered plan will come into effect, consisting of countries on the red list, and the rest of the world.

“Effective from October 4, Oman is classified as an open country,” explained Oman Air, providing procedures that fully vaccinated passengers will need to follow after that date.

While a pre-departure test will no longer be required, a PLF still needs to be filled in. A day eight test will also no longer be needed, nor will hotel quarantine.”

“The day two PCR test will need to be bought online, and passengers must be tested on or before their second day on arrival in England,” said the airline.

“If the day two PCR test is positive, then 10-day isolation, along with other family members, is mandatory.”

Bill Murray, the new ambassador of the UK to Oman, expressed his happiness at people from Oman being able to resume travel to UK.

“You will have seen the wonderful news of Oman coming off the British red list,” he said in a statement.

“This is a testament to the fantastic efforts made by the Omani COVID-19 teams, and the strong bilateral relationship between the UK and Oman.”


Source: Civil Aviation Authority-Qatar