Seoul, – The United States, Japan and South Korea conducted their first joint anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercises this week.

The three-day drill was held in waters between Japan and South Korea and was intended to be an “effective response” by the three allies to North Korea’s submarine activities, particularly Pyongyang’s sub-based ballistic missile capabilities, the South’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force said in a statement the drill was held to “bolster tactical cooperation” involving its helicopter-carrying Sawagiri destroyer.

South Korea sent its own destroyer and helicopters while the U.S. dispatched an Aegis-equipped destroyer and a P-3C Orion patrol plane.

Naval vessels will “search, detect and track a mock submarine, and exchange relevant information,” the South Korean Defense Ministry said.

“The anti-submarine training of the three countries is the first since it was discussed in their Defense Trilateral Talks in December,” the Yonhap news agency reported the ministry as saying. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency