FBI teams “on the ground” in Brussels to assist in IS attack investigations – White House

WASHINGTON, March 31 (KUNA) — The US has sent FBI teams to Belgium to assist in “sharing information” amid investigations into the recent deadly attacks, which killed and wounded dozens in Brussels and was carried out by the so-called Islamic State (IS), a US official said on Thursday.
The news comes as Belgium has accepted an offer for assistance from the US on the matter, according to White House Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes.
“We have FBI teams on the ground (in Belgium) assisting with the investigation. We are sharing information and intelligence with Belgium,” he said.
Belgium’s Minister of Interior Jan Jambon, who is currently in the US capital to attend Friday’s Nuclear Security Summit, will be meeting with the US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch to discuss that cooperation, added Rhodes.
The US has “very effective coordination (with Belgium) in supporting this investigation and trying to disrupt additional plots.” As Obama will be meeting several nations to discuss efforts to tackle IS, Rhodes said that these talks will discuss intelligence and information gathering which aims to disrupt any future attacks carried out by the group around the world.
Also, how to align efforts aimed at monitoring the potential travel of IS fighters from Iraq and Syria to other parts of the world which runs in tandem with the fight in the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, where they are being pushed back by coalition forces there, he explained. (end) sd.hb