Environment minister picked COP 28 Advisory Committee member

Presidency of 22023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), which is scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates, picked Minister of Environment, Muawieh Radaideh, as a key member of its Advisory Committee. In a statement on Monday, Radaideh said Jordan’s confidence is “high” in the UAE “advanced” capabilities and qualified human assets to host this “important” international conference, adding that the Kingdom values this “key” Arab role played by the UAE. The minister also pointed to the “high” confidence in designating UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, the UAE’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, and his accumulated professional competence and expertise in climate change, renewable energy and industry fields, to run this global event. The COP28 Advisory Committee comprises climate leaders and experts, primarily former heads of state, as well as CEOs of international organizations and global companies. The committee seeks to provide guidance and advice to COP28 Presidency, to reflect principles of diversity and inclusion, which are the basis of climate change conferences, to ensure collaborative action and transformation to create global awareness to move towards low carbon development. Climate Conference (COP 28), which the UAE will host at the end of 2023, is a key international platform that brings together leaders of countries, organizations and world bodies to face climate change challenges.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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