EMRE – The nightmare is over

The nightmare is overSince the March 30 local elections, Turkey has been living a terrible nightmare. This Sunday was the last day of the election campaigns, campaigns during which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan polarized Turkish society and divided it into pieces.

Due to his polarizing campaign, people have started to hate each other Husbands have divorced wives. There was even a case in which a person was killed.

The murderer confessed to killing the person just because the victim did not like ErdoIan. What’s worse, the killer showed no sign of regret.

In order to win, ErdoIan has destroyed every institution that holds society together Just last week he stressed the Alevi identity of Kemal KIlIdaroIlu and the Zaza identity of Selahattin DemirtaI.In order to win, ErdoIan even denied his own identity and claimed to be a Turk.

However, just ten years ago he himself revealed that he is a descendent of Georgian families. Moreover, he insulted Armenians and espoused the idea the being Armenian is shameful.

He has not only destroyed the ties between people, he has also destroyed the judicial system In order to prove his claims, he changed the judicial system, appointed like-minded judges and found like-minded prosecutors to persecute his opponents.He threatened judges who do not rule as he wishes.

He even criticized the Constitutional Court for not being a “nationalist” court.In his characteristic style, he utilized his election campaign to crack down on the alleged parallel state.

During the holy month of Ramadan, police officers were arrested in the middle of the night and handcuffed in front of TV cameras, pro-government media outlets threatened businessmen and he tried to make a bank declare bankruptcy.Even President Abdullah Gul and Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan received their share in the mud-slinging campaign of ErdoIan and his associates.

Pro-ErdoIan journalists targeted Gul when he said he would continue to be in politics.Last but not least, Babacan, the most respected AKP politician and a cabinet member in the AKP government, was accused of helping and being a member of the Gulenists.

ErdoIan’s top aid, YiIit Bulut, accused Babacan of helping Gulenists. Many thought that Bulut accused Mr Babacan to aance his own career, but Bulut would not have said a word without a signal from ErdoIan.

ErdoIan’s bullying campaign was not only limited to domestic actors. He has not hesitated to target foreign figures and countries in ploys to get more votes.

For instance, he targeted the American ambassador and threatened to deport him He claimed that foreign powers were behind the Gezi protests and corruption scandals. He harshly criticized the EU when he thought it would win him more votes.

Even as he bullied everyone under the sun, the Turkish economy did not collapse, and foreign powers, including the US and the EU, were not alarmed for two reasons.First, they understood ErdoIan very well.

ErdoIan would do anything to maintain his power Powerful nations know quite well that ErdoIan would ultimately be quick to bow down to the powerful. He even bowed before calan and the Ko group.

Thus, neither the economically powerful nor the politically powerful take him seriously. They consider him nothing more than another authoritarian leader who likes to put on a show for his own people but cannot do anything to foreigners.

Unfortunately, poor Turkish people who think he is a world leader see him as a savior, while the world simply laughs at him and his domestic posturing. Imagine a world leader who cannot not reach US president Obama, leader of the world’s superpower Imagine a world leader who declared, in front of international press, that he was going to go to Gaza to support Palestinian people, then neglected to mention it again.

Imagine a world leader whose life is full of zigzags. Imagine a world leader who said he would quickly rescue the hostages in the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but, after months, was unable to rescue his own diplomats and 49 hostages from ISIL’s bloodthirsty terrorists.

It is the typical behavior of a dictator in order to hide his weakness he needs to flex his muscles against a weak opponent and smash them in front of his hysterical supporters.During the election campaign and the period of the last six months, this is what has happened in Turkey.

Thank God the nightmare is over.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman