EMINE – ’22 Jump Street’: The boys are back

’22 Jump Street’: The boys are backThe 2012 action comedy “21 Jump Street” was a successful reboot of the 1980s TV show of the same name, and after its success it was no surprise to see that filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have come up with a sequel, once again starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as hapless police officers Schmidt and Jenko.Admittedly, the first installation offered harmless fun as the two cops went back to high school for undercover police work in order to locate and capture the distributors of a lethal drug.

Although the fragile and intellectual Schmidt spent his high school years in the 1990s as an outcast, he discovered that he could actually be popular in the high school environment of the 2000s, and jock Jenko discovered that going back to school was much rougher than he actually imagined. After much bumbling action and burlesque moments, the odd couple indeed solved the drug case and also strengthened their bond.

At its heart, the franchise is a buddy movie sprinkled with a good dose of juvenile humor and action sequences aimed to attract young male audiences who are aching for a rowdy good time and to satisfy their heroism fantasies. The fragility and emotion of this “buddy” relationship is well established by actors Hill and Tatum, who have a unique chemistry that convinces the viewer of their mutual admiration and also irritation.

Hill was already an established comedy talent (“Super Bad,” “Cyrus,” “Funny People”), but seeing poster-boy Tatum also pulling off his share of unexpected humor is refreshing.The key to their routine seems to be how they refuse to take themselves seriously and how they are not afraid to go to great lengths to embarrass themselves onscreen through a screenplay that asks them to be as casual as they can.

So the boys now have a new mission: Once again they have to locate the supplier of a drug. This time, however, the drug is distributed at a state college.

The boys take on their new identities and enroll in freshman classes as they try to mix in with the college crowd. Schmidt thinks he’s going to be the popular kid again, but turns out that Jenko is the first to be chosen for a college football team and get an invitation from the most sought-after frat house.

Schmidt tries to mingle with the art majors, but even with the politically correct artsy-fartsy intellectuals he seems to be having a hard time being accepted. The boys start growing apart from each other to Schmidt’s dismay and the screenplay emphasizes the trials and tribulations of their relationship while it puts the drug problem in the background.

Ice Cube reappears in the film as Police Captain Dickinson, who has a foul mouth and a short temper Peter Stormare is reduced to playing the mafia boss on auto-pilot and actress Jillian Bell proves her talent as the overly articulate and annoying classmate Mercedes, who seems to have a lot of skeletons in her closet.The last segment of the film is when the action escalates, and our hapless duo reunites for a colossal stake-out at the annual spring break.

Despite all the fun, even they are not afraid to pinpoint that they’re “too old for this.” Yet this is exactly what makes the series work: Watching two guys in their late 20s trying to mix in with a younger crowd, while in the background the filmmakers are making it their mission to discreetly criticize the youth culture of AmericaPerhaps “22 Jump Street” is not the kind of film that will attract viewers who are looking for intelligent humor however, it is extremely successful when it comes to delivering the inconceivably absurd, burlesque and the idiotic because it does not pretend to be anything other than what it is.

It even tries to have decent emotional and character arcs within its universe, believe it or not.If you’re up for some hearty laughs and willing to dip in the waters of guilty pleasure, it’s a good choice to consider on these hot summer days.

Hill and Tatum are the new Cheech and Chong and it looks like “23 Jump Street” is already on its way. .

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman