Doha, – The Embassy of Palestine in Doha organized today a stand of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, as the prisoners continue the battle of freedom and dignity (the battle of empty stomachs) by continuing their hunger strike.

Dr Yehia Zakaria El Agha, First Counselor, Charge d’affaires of the Palestinian Embassy, said this stand is an expression of the full support of these prisoners, who suffer from positive hunger and defy the Israeli occupation with their empty stomachs.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), El Agha hailed the firm position of Emir, Government and people of Qatar in supporting the Palestinian people politically, socially and economically and in all international and regional forums, [the position] which has been and continued to be in support of the Palestinian just cause.

He stressed that the strike of these prisoners reflects a genuine will to confront the occupation and its arrogance, and that it is a message to the whole world calling for an end to its silence on what is being committed against them and supporting their release in international forums, adding that some of them have spent more than 30 years in Israeli prisons.

This stand of solidarity in Qatar is a part of other actions carried out by the Palestinian people in all the cities of Palestine to support the prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, he said.

On the new political document declared by the Hamas movement, El Agha stressed in his statement to QNA that it reflects the Arab, regional and international reality, describing the document as advanced steps forward and that it has brought views closer to what is called for by the Fatah movement, which means there is a similarity between the two movements in order to put an end to the division that the Palestinians seek to end by all means.

He pointed out that the new Hamas document will bring the views of all the Palestinian parties closer not only in terms of ending the division, but also in terms of restoring the Palestinian unity to what it was in the past and going forward towards the liberation of Palestine, Al Aqsa and Al Quds. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency