Electronic Archiving of Retirement Files

The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) has confirmed the completion of the electronic archiving project for all its documents and internal and external correspondence, according to the Director of Information Systems, Mr. Ali Hassan Al Khalaf, who pointed out that the objective of the project is to simplify the procedures and dispense paper files to ensure better preservation of documents subscribers, retirees and others.

Al Khalaf highlighted that since mid-2015, GRSIA has transferred all its files and documents to electronic copies, and disposed traditional and paper correspondence, as part of its efforts to take advantage of modern systems and to keep abreast of technological development, in accordance with the directives aimed at applying archiving. Work is currently underway to complete archiving 2 million documents, too.

In order to ensure the success of the project, GRSIA has recently organized a workshop for its employees, during which they were trained on the mechanisms of the central electronic archive and its objectives. This archiving will contribute to saving and browsing data when necessary in record time and in a secure manner.

Source: Government of Qatar