El Salvador President Affirms His Country’s Support for Qatar’s Candidate

San Salvador, President of El Salvador Sanchez Ceren met, at the presidential palace, with HE Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, advisor at the Emiri Diwan and Qatar’s candidate for the director general post at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
During the meeting, Qatar’s candidate conveyed the greetings of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to the President of the Republic of El Salvador, and best wishes of His Highness to the Salvadoran people for more progress and prosperity.
On his part, the President of El Salvador entrusted Dr Al Kuwari to convey his greetings to HH the Emir, wishing him continued good health and happiness and the people of Qatar further development and prosperity.
Salvadorian President thanked the State of Qatar, and expressed his desire to develop relations with it in various fields, especially in the field of dialogue among civilizations. He welcomed the nomination of the State of Qatar to Dr Al Kuwari for the post of UNESCO director general, stressing his country’s support for this nomination, and looking forward to cooperating with him in areas of UNESCO’s work that are of interest to El Salvador, particularly education, environment and heritage.
He stressed that El Salvador will cooperate with the Qatari candidate in the future in addressing the great challenges facing the UNESCO.
Dr Al Kuwari thanked the President of El Salvador for the support and his clear vision of the UNESCO mission, stressing that he will cooperate with the Caribbean and Latin states to perform his mission.
The meeting was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador Hugo Martinez, who also met with Qatar’s candidate at his office at the Foreign Ministry. The meeting dealt with bilateral relations and the vision of Qatari candidate for the advancement of UNESCO, and during which the Foreign Minister of El Salvador stressed his support for the Qatari candidate.
The Qatari candidate held meetings with El Salvadorian Minister of Education Carlos Canjura and Culture Secretary Silvia Regalado. Their meetings dealt with the issue of education and culture in the vision of the Qatari candidate.
Dr Al Kuwari answered all the questions raised during the meeting, and the two officials declared their confidence in his vision, wishing him success and looking forward to cooperating with him in the future.
In a related context, Dr Al Kuwari held, during his visit to the Republic of El Salvador, a panel discussion with Latin American ambassadors where he answered questions raised by the ambassadors.
The Qatari candidate is currently on a visit to El Salvador at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend the celebration of twenty-five years after the signing of peace agreement ending the country’s civil war.

Source: Qatar News Agency