In remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Head of the Scientific Research at the Ministry of Education Dr. Asma Al Mohannadi praised the outstanding research made by the students in this edition of the Student Research Fair. The researches covered all scientific fields, she said adding that the participation of primary school students was simple to commensurate with their age.

She pointed out that students’ participation this year was remarkable, especially since the ministry has provided all the facilities to help them conduct the research in an innovative way to highlight their activities and capabilities in this vital aspect.

The Number of researches qualified for participation in the Ninth National Student Research Fair, associated with the 2017 Education Conference and National Scientific Research Week, was 140 researches in different areas, including computing and communication systems, mathematics, physics, bio-engineering, chemistry, materials science, energy, earth science, environmental science, botany, zoology and socio-behavioral science.

The National Scientific Research Week aims to achieve excellence in scientific research, create competitive atmosphere and to support researchers.

The Qatar Astronomy Olympiad (QAO) is a national competition for school students of age 16�18, in which students compete by creating astronomy models and conducting related mathematical calculations.

As for the ‘FameLab Competition’, it is a competition for scientific communication began at the initiative of “Cheltenham Science Festival” and the British Council in more than 31 countries around the world. FameLab was launched in Qatar in cooperation with Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) with the aim of encouraging young scientists to find a way to express themselves and communicate with the general public an open, inspiring and interactive way. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency