Education concludes the activities of the virtual exhibition of the National Week for Scientific Research and Innovation 2021


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in cooperation with the Qatar National Research Fund, concluded the activities of the virtual exhibition of the National Week of Scientific Research and Innovation, under the slogan “Promising researchers for Qatar”, which was organized from November 1 to 4, 2021 AD, with the participation of students from public and private schools, and academics. In the Action Research Competition, in addition to the participation of strategic partners through the “First Robotics” competition in Qatar organized by Texas A&M University, and the “Programming Language” Scratch competition organized by the French Voltaire School, in addition to the “Astronomy” competition.

The National Week for Scientific Research and Innovation is an annual national creative event that aims to celebrate scientific research, enhance and develop scientific and research skills among students and teachers, and instill a spirit of cooperation and competition. To highlight their projects that deal with the issues and problems of the age, while providing the necessary support for them to achieve excellence and success, and providing the opportunity for distinguished research projects to participate in regional and international competitions.

The competition between students and teachers began through the national competition for scientific research and innovation, and the organization of school exhibitions that were held during the months of January and February 2021, followed by the arbitration and review phase, which qualified the 261 distinguished projects for the final qualifiers.

About (1569) male and female students from (184) public and private schools in various academic levels participated in the scientific research competition for the academic year 2020-2021. They submitted about (810) research projects, of which about (261) qualified as follows: ( The primary stage: about 124 students from 37 schools qualified and submitted about 62 research projects, and in the procedural research for teachers: about 52 teachers from 25 schools submitted and submitted 45 research projects, and in the preparatory and secondary levels, about 301 students from 78 schools participated and submitted 154 research projects. In the virtual exhibition of the National Week of Scientific Research and Innovation.

At the closing ceremony, the winners of the first places in the following competitions were announced:

• The procedural research competition for teachers.

Design for Change competition for primary school.

The National Competition for Scientific Research and Innovation for the preparatory and secondary levels “categories”.

Traffic safety competition in cooperation with the National Committee for Traffic Safety.

The First Robotics Competition in Qatar.

Scratch Competition “Programming Language”.

Astronomy Olympiad.

Northwestern University competition.

Ms. Rima Abu Khadija, Director of Curriculum and Learning Resources Department, praised the activity of scientific research in schools, and the students’ and their teachers’ interest in presenting distinguished scientific research; Because the knowledge that the student obtains as a result of scientific research is a source of strength and a decisive element in determining the quality of life experienced by the community. humanity.

She indicated that we in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education are enlightened in our support for scientific research in schools with the vision of our rational state, which stipulates in its first pillar – human development that scientific research is the primary support for the educational system that the state seeks, so despite all the exceptional circumstances that the educational system has gone through in In light of the Corona pandemic, the Ministry, represented by the Scientific Research Department in the Department of Curriculum and Learning Resources, has worked hard to enable our students to carry out scientific research, providing them with all means of guidance and support, starting with the support of scientific research specialists for schools and their continuous guidance visits, and partnerships with supporting bodies For student research, leading to the establishment of internal competitions in schools, which were mostly through the Thames program, and ending with fair and impartial arbitration and the nomination of research with the highest scores in internal competitions for the Ministry’s competition.

Dr. Asmaa Al-Mohannadi, Head of the Scientific Research Department, pointed out the importance of supporting research by partners, and the Qatar National Research Fund is a partner and supporter of students’ research by participating in the arbitration process, and presenting research on the iThenticate program to determine the percentages of similarity, and then arbitration by a selection of Specialized arbitrators with the highest academic degrees, and the completion of arbitration through the Thames technology, which provided the arbitrators with the opportunity to meet with student researchers and engage with them. By overcoming all the difficulties faced by the educational system, overcoming the challenges that we faced as they faced the education systems in the world, so that our schools present a selection of researches that deservedly won.

It is worth noting that the virtual exhibition of the National Week for Scientific Research and Innovation is one of the most prominent manifestations of interest in scientific research and innovation, and annually witnesses a growing increase in the number of participating schools and the number of attendees, and an evolution in the quality and quality of research, as it qualifies students for the undergraduate level and to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, achieving progress. and prosperity for them and the State of Qatar.

Source: Minister of education & higher education