Economic, financial reforms document “valid” since approved by cabinet – Min.

KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) — The document on economic and financial reforms was “valid” once approved by the cabinet, besides being fully backed by the political leadership, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Acting Oil Minister Anas Al-Saleh said on Thursday.
In a press statement, Al-Saleh voiced pleasure over the “valuable” views expressed during today’s meeting of the National Assembly Committee on Financial Affairs.
According to the minister, speakers manifested support to, and understanding of the potential risk if the current economic and financial imbalances in the country carry on. They also stressed the importance of the document and the remedies it offers, as a merited entry to handle these imbalances in the short and medium term, as an obvious government commitment to the path of reforms.
Al-Saleh praised the speakers’ calls to adopt a wide scale media plan to acquaint the public with the momentousness of the reforms comprised on the document. All the bodies represented in the meeting urged speeding up measures for the implementation of these programs, through mechanisms that can turn them into a tangible reality.
The minister underlined the fact that the reform document was not a “reaction” to the falls in oil prices but it is more a part of a more comprehensive view that aims to achieve a quantum shift in the structure of the Kuwaiti economy in the long term, that sees the state devoted to its basic mission, namely organizing and monitoring the economic activity, with the private sector taking the lead.
Today the parliamentary committee carried on with discussions of the economic conditions in the country. The discussions were attended by Al-Saleh, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Planning and Development Hind Sabeeh Al-Sabeeh, Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Yousif Mohammad Al-Ali, Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmad Al-Jassar and Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel.
Representatives of several economic, financial and banking institutions took part. (end) fnk.abd.msa