Drone Blamed for Disrupted Flights at Gatwick Airport

A rogue drone has been blamed for two runway closures and the diversion of five flights at Gatwick Airport in the U.K. yesterday.The BBC reports that Sussex Police are investigating a reported drone sighting that caused the problems. Runway operations at Gatwick were suspended between 18:10 BST and 18:19, and again from 18:36 to 18:41, resulting in a small number of go-arounds and diverts, the airport reported.While the flight disruptions have been widely reported in the media, and the cause of the problem clearly identified as a drone, as yet all reports cite only hearsay evidence that a drone was involved in the incident. Previously reported near misses with drones have often later been proven to involve other objects, like the plastic bag or balloon reported as a near disaster last year.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar