Dress One Million Needy Children Initiative invokes the spirit of Ramadan: Friday Sermon

WAM Abu Dhabi, 19th July 2013 (WAM) — It is no surprise that the ”Dress One Million Needy Children Campaign” has come from the UAE leadership and people, who have been educated on the basis of Islamic noble values, according to the Friday Sermon.

”Indeed it is a generous move that reveals sincere faith and noble sentiments,” the sermon said.

”We are in a blessing month, whose reward is great, and is rightly appreciated by those who have anticipated goodness and responded to the call of piety.

So the generous amongst the people will respond to the call and extend a helping hand to the needy. This is because they cannot enjoy food while others somewhere else are distraught, not able to afford enough food or dress to protect them from heat and chill,” Friday preachers added.

In light of this spirit, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the campaign to dress one million poor children around the world in the month of Ramadan.

”Our Prophet (PBUH) praised those who share others their concerns as in this Hadith: “Any Muslim who clothes another Muslim who is naked, Allah will clothe him from the green garments of Paradise. Any Muslim who feeds a Muslim who is hungry, Allah will feed him from the fruit of Paradise, and any Muslim who gives drink to a Muslim who is thirsty, Allah will give him a drink from the Sealed Nectar.” The campaign, the sermon added, is dedicated to children because they are the most vulnerable group of society that needs special care.

”From this perspective caring for children is crucial to their good education, so they eventually can benefit themselves, their families and nation. Failing to do so may lead them to acquire unhealthy character, which will in return harm them, their families and nation. For this reason, children care is a serious matter to consider for whoever aspires to the future.” WAM/TF

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