Dr. Muna Al Maslamani: Eligible categories for a third dose of the vaccine are possibly to be expanded


Dr. Muna Al Maslamani, Medical Director, Communicable Disease Center, Hamad Medical Corporation, confirmed that it is possible to expand the groups that may receive a third dose of the vaccine against the Coronavirus “COVID-19”, and that this dose is a stimulant for the rest of the groups in society.

Dr. Al Maslamani said: “There is continuous follow-up to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention after reviewing the diseased cases, and based on the studies, it will be announced if the rest of the groups in society need a booster dose in the near future. The groups that suffer from immune deficiency such as cancer patients, organ transplants, and others are currently being vaccinated”.

Dr. Al Maslamani added: “So far, the third dose is given to certain groups, based on studies that indicate that some people with immunodeficiency do not always build the same level of immunity after vaccination, and they may benefit from an additional dose to ensure adequate protection against the Coronavirus”.


Source: Government of Qatar