Don’t worry, Istanbul has its ‘brother Kadir’

Don’t worry, Istanbul has its ‘brother Kadir’Did you think that it is only the small South Pacific Islands like Tuvalu that would be affected by the climate change that has been felt for years now? Or did you think that melting glaciers in the Arctic would only trouble the polar bears? And, for you, is drought only a problem for African countries? The urbanization, industrialization and deforestation in various parts of Turkey contributed to global climate change that has led to floods and extreme weather conditions for a long time now. Especially in recent months, we have experienced extremely high temperatures, drought, sudden downpours and tornadoes in Turkey.

Climate change has affected the provinces of anakkale, Ankara, Konya, KarapInar, BeyIehir, Antalya, Rize and Kars. Now it is knocking on Istanbul’s door National, regional and local officials, as well as experts and NGOs should make a united stand against it.

Istanbul Mayor Kadir TopbaI acknowledged the danger threatening Istanbul a while ago, but because he is the mayor who approved the projects that are destroying Turkey’s northern forests, his sincerity becomes suspect. The administrations of many cities and municipalities in the country have yet to design comprehensive, long-term strategies to fight climate change.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman