DOHA, Qatar, The second US-Qatar Counter-terrorism Dialogue, took place in Doha yesterday (Wednesday). It was led by Chairman of the National Counter Terrorism Committee, Eng. Abdulaziz Abdullah al Ansari, on the Qatari side, and Principal Deputy Coordinator for Counter-terrorism, at the US Department of State, Alina Romanowski, on the American side.

The delegations of the two countries comprised of specialists, who took part in work sessions, to review progress in the counter-terrorism area. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was represented by Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar for Counter-terrorism and Mediation of Conflict Resolution, Dr Mutlaq bin Majed al Qahtani.

The two sides held five work sessions, to review the counter-terrorism efforts since they signed a memorandum of understanding in that field, on July 11, 2017. They also reviewed the progress made in the implementation of the plan, laid out for 2018, as a result of the signed MoU. They agreed on the future steps they can take, to support the counter-terrorism efforts and the other measures that could be implemented, to combat the financing of terrorism. They also discussed what expertise the American side can share with Qatar, in hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The American side praised the steps taken by Qatar, in cooperation with the international community, in combating terrorism and its finance. The Qatari side, meanwhile, thanked the US for its support of Qatar, as a strategic ally in the fight against terrorism and its finance.

In conclusion, the two sides agreed on the significance of continuing their cooperation to make further progress in the fight against terrorism and its finance, to limit its damaging impact. Romanowski said, the ties between the US and Qatar in the field of counter-terrorism has made big progress since the previous dialogue which was held in Washington in Nov, 2017. She added that, the two sides continue to cooperate in the fight against the Daesh, by using the Al Udeid air base, adding that, the US was grateful for that.