Doha – Sudanese Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour has lauded Qatar’s firm positions in support of peace, stability and development in Sudan and its support to the Sudanese people in various circumstances.

“The State of Qatar supported Sudan in all its circumstances, especially after the secession of the south and its loss of 80 percent of oil and its loss of more than 70 percent of foreign exchange income,” the Sudanese Minister told reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the 17th Doha Forum.

He added that the State of Qatar provided Sudan with great political support through the achievement of peace in Darfur, in addition to generous financial support and building various villages, which promoted stability and peace.

He described the Sudanese-Gulf relations as historic and strong. He said: “Our relations are historic and continue with this strength. This is a natural situation for Sudan’s relations in its vital surrounding and must be seen from this perspective.” On the Doha Forum, he said that the Forum affirms Qatar’s interest in its surroundings and international issues and its readiness to provide solutions from intellectual, cultural and political points of view.

He said that the Forum is characterized by the high level of participation and in terms of topics which had been chosen carefully, citing the theme of the current Forum, “development and stability and refugee issues,” pointing out that they are current issues and occupy the international community.

On the number of refugees in the Sudan, he said that his country currently hosts over two million refugees from different countries, “half of them from southern Sudan and half from East and West Africa along with brothers from Yemen and Syria.” The Sudanese Foreign Minister attended the special session on “Political Crises and their Implications on the Stability of the Middle East,” which was held as part of the Doha Forum sessions.

Speaking at the session, the Sudanese minister referred to “the objective factors that led to the outbreak of the Arab Spring revolutions” and the successive repercussions after six years of its inception.

He pointed to the deteriorating situation in a number of countries in the region as a result of conflicts and wars, warning that a bleak future awaits them unless there are very clear solutions to “keep these countries.” He described the current Arab situation as very critical and requires a strategic view that overrides the outlook for immediate gains, according to a comprehensive Arab vision that produces creative solutions to confront it.

The Sudanese Foreign Minister also warned of the expansion of terrorism in Africa after tightening the screws on it in a number of countries in the region, pointing out that his country is preparing for this expansion.(QNA) AK

Source: Qatar News Agency