Doha – Participants in the 17th Doha Forum said Monday that the issue of refugees is deeply rooted and would require many years to erase its social and psychological consequences, stressing the need to take urgent measures as soon as possible so that this issue does not become a serious disaster.

The participants in the third plenary session of the 17th Doha Forum held under the theme “Political and Economic Impact on Refugee Crisis” stressed the necessity of dealing with this issue with new mentalities and new governmental procedures, cooperation with donors, and developing long-term strategies to deal with the issue through the development and creation of new methodologies to assist the refugees and develop employment opportunities in countries of asylum.

They underlined the need to activate an active citizenship based on equal rights and duties without discrimination, enacting social protection laws, developing national allocations and assisting host countries in rehabilitating and integrating refugees into society, in cooperation with civil society institutions and the World Bank.

They also stressed the importance of drawing attention to the United Nations development agenda without focusing on one aspect and leaving the other. They also stressed the need to focus on peace, law-enforcement, counter illegal migration, youth outreach and cooperation with local, regional and international organizations and activate their roles.

The participants reviewed the implications of the increase in the number of refugees in the world, including the great pressure on the governments of host countries and the change of their policies because of the emergency events, noting the impact of the asylum process in increasing the number of unemployed and its affect on the whole generations of children and youth.

They attributed the causes of this phenomenon to armed conflicts, difficult social conditions, racial discrimination, the absence of democracy and social justice, the spread of social alienation, and the attempt to replace the painful reality of a more free, equal and just life. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency