Doha – A number of participants at the 17th Doha Forum called on the international community to review many of the international conventions and legislations relating to refugees, especially as millions of people flee their countries due to conflicts in many regions of the world.

Speakers and academics attending one of the Forum’s sessions, on the “Role of International Community and Human Rights Organizations in Dealing with Refugee Crisis”, stressed that the protection of millions of refugees fleeing conflicts and crises is the primary requirement in the first place, and that all international institutions should make use of their efforts to provide them with full protection in transit countries as well as hosting countries, in order to spare them the threat of human trafficking.

Participants in the session also stressed the importance of the host countries to play a major role in providing the refugees with protection as well as decent livelihood through international and regional assistance.

A number of rights activists also called for revising and updating of international conventions and agreements concerning refugees to cope with the current situation, which has become harder in view of the increasing displacement due to conflicts and wars. They pointed out that the solutions of the past are no longer relevant to today’s problems.

They emphasized that the refugee agencies, human rights organizations and concerned UN committees are responsible for refugees protection, especially while crossing transit countries and reaching hosting country.

Several international experts participating in the session said that solving the refugees crisis can only be through finding radical solutions to conflicts and making more efforts for sustainable development in turmoiled countries.

Meanwhile, a number of participants spoke about what they called the ‘international community’s failure to deal with refugee issues and responding to their needs’, which caused many humanitarian problems among refugees, especially children, women and the elderly.

They said that although international human rights organizations had done what they should, the international community has been almost impotent in facing the flow of millions of refugees, as in Syria, when millions of people fled to neighboring countries and other countries as a result of the armed conflict there.

In this context, they pointed to the issue of Syria people who have been forcibly displaced by the Syrian regime, and to the hundreds of thousands living under siege.

Participants in the session also called for finding short-term solutions for the refugees in terms of finding a suitable living environment for them, treating them with humanity and dignity, as well as long-term solutions in terms of finding political solutions to end the conflicts in their countries. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency