Doha – The 17th Doha Forum discussed today “Refugee Issues and States’ Policies,” where the participants from various countries presented their countries’ experiences in the issue of asylum, migration and policies.

Some speakers highlighted the exploitation of some in Western countries, especially the far right to the refugee issue and refugees coming from the Middle East in particular, to intimidate the people there, to set an enemy in the Western collective mind and to intimidate the other, that they seek the Islamization of society and the spread of terrorism and extremism.

Other speakers accused some Western media of being unreliable and unprofessional when dealing with the refugee issue, while describing Canada as a successful example of the integration of refugees into society, thanks to the equality and social justice which allowed them to assume the presidency even if they were born outside the country.

A number of speakers called for the facilitation of asylum procedures and the adoption of new and specific mechanisms to alleviate the suffering of refugees, guarantee them protection and a decent life in the asylum countries.

Some highlighted that certain countries needed migrants with practical and linguistic skills to engage in the work and contribute to the development of the countries to which they migrated and the areas in which they settled, as well as engage and interact with the host community.

The session also dealt with the Geneva Conventions and protocols which distinguish between refugees who leave their country forcibly and are protected by international asylum laws and migrants who voluntarily leave and whom human rights laws apply, stressing the need to believe in dialogue and coexistence between States and peoples to resolve such crises and develop effective solutions. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency