DM introduces Geo-Address System for Dubai

WAM DUBAI, July 8th, 2013 (WAM)– The Dubai Municipality has introduced Geo-Address System for locating desirable places, buildings, streets or localities in Dubai.

“No more waiting or confusion to identify any place, building, street or locality in Dubai, if you are using the new Geo Address System developed by Dubai Municipality’s Geographical Information Systems Department,” Abdul Hakim Malik, Director of GIS Department said.

Geo-Address System, a strategic project that aims at creating a national coordinate grid and system to enable everyone to find and reach any location in Dubai easily using a globally integrated code via smart phones, iPads, computers and navigators.

“Although people use different navigators to find out places, mostly they have been directed to wrong direction due to confusion in name of location, spelling mistakes, difficulty in understanding the language of service provider or customer..etc,” according to him.

In order to tackle this issue and considering the huge and rapid changes in localities due to several urban development projects, Dubai Municipality has adopted this system to exactly locate any place in Dubai.

The department has so far numbered 130,000 entities in Dubai, hopefully the system will be fully launched by the end of 2014 once the numbering or entire buildings and locations completed, which will ultimately help different nationalities who speak around 127 languages in the city of Dubai.


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