DOHA, Qatar, – Qatar’s efforts to digitise its economy and provide more services online, is opening a huge range of opportunities for citizens, businesses and the wider region.

This is according to experts, who are set to attend the Euromoney Qatar Conference 2016. The event will run from Dec 6-7 in Doha.

Qatar has announced a multi-government agency initiative, to digitise services and build a strong network foundation, as part of the plans to promote the knowledge-based economy, in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The push for digital economy has seen the majority of government services made available online, as well as, the launch of dedicated programmes to tackle social issues.

This includes electronic payments for workers, which has ensured that 85 percent of Qatar’s 2.1 million workers are now paid by bank transfer.

Most recently, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), has announced plans to expand “digital culture” across the community and achieve 100 percent digital comprehensiveness for all demographic segments, including temporary workers, the elderly, and people with disabilities, to raise awareness of the benefits of ICT.

Next steps under consideration include measures to encourage more businesses to move their service offerings online, particularly small and medium businesses.

A recent report by Trading Economics suggests that, digitising Qatar’s economy could result in GDP growth of 3.4 percent – or QAR 38.2 billion (USD 10.49 billion) – by 2020.

The next stage, which will see large-scale digitalisation of business services, should provide significant stimulus for diversifying the economy, offering new employment opportunities and boosting innovation across Qatar.

A special panel at the upcoming Euromoney Qatar Conference 2016, will look at the steps taken to date, to digitise the economy, and examine the necessary strategic priorities, including infrastructure investment and regulatory change.

Featuring speakers from Qatar Central Bank, SAP, Vodafone Qatar and PayFort, the panel discussion will pay particular attention to the potential impact of digitalisation on the financial sector.

Euromoney Conferences is the leading organiser of financial events, in both developed and developing markets, for cross-border investment and capital markets.

Source: Nam News Network