Developments in Libya on agenda of Islamic foreign ministers meeting.

Developments in Libya on agenda of Islamic foreign ministers meeting.Monday , 17-10-2016 – 22:13:00

Jeddah, 17.10.2016(Lana) the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent the 43rd session of Foreign ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Director of Media department at the a general Secretariat of OIC, Maga Aqeel said in press statement, there are about 109 resolutions related to various developments in the Muslim world and Muslim communities in non-member states would be presented to the organization over two days. In statement, Monday she said, the ministers would discuss developments in Libya, occupied Palestine, Golan Heights, Syria, Yemen, Mali, Somalia, Central Africa and Afghanistan as well as issues of Muslim groups in non-Muslim countries such as Myanmar. The meeting would discuss important resolutions regarding the political affair, fighting terrorism, disarming and countering Islamophopia. Director of the media said Foreign ministers would discuss in their meeting resolutions in the humanitarian, media, economic, science and technology, high education, health and environment and civilization dialogue and protection of Islamic shrines and issues related to marriage, women, child and youth and safeguarding and protection of historic and cultural Islamic and world heritage. =Lana=