Washington, – Democrats in the U.S. Senate appear to have enough votes to block confirmation of President Donald Trump’s choice for a Supreme Court Justice, but Republicans are threatening to change Senate rules to secure his nomination.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons said Monday that his party has the 41 votes needed to filibuster the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch. Sixty votes are needed to confirm nominations in the 100-seat Senate.

Republicans have said that they might change the rules to a simple majority vote to get Gorsuch confirmed. Such a change in the rules would have a profound impact on how the Senate passes legislation in the future, essentially removing the filibuster from the minority party.

Democrats have fiercely opposed Gorsuch because of his support for corporations against labor rights and his closeness to Trump. Trump nominated him to take the place of Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last year, leaving only eight Supreme Court justices sitting on the nine-judge court.

A vote on Gorsuch of the full Senate is expected later this week. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency