Decision Issued to Establish General Tax Authority

A set of taxation laws have recently been issued, including Law No.24 of 2018 on Income Tax and Law No.25 of 2018 on Selective Tax. A decision has also been issued to establish the General Tax Authority (GTA).

The new tax laws are part of the process of developing Qatar’s financial system to keep up with international best practices and enhance economic growth and financial stability, due to the importance of the taxation system in financial policies in most countries around the world.

The General Tax Authority has been established as a separate entity, under the supervision of the Minister of Finance, and will be in charge of the implementation of all tax laws.

The law stipulates that the salaries and wages of citizens and residents shall not be subject to any tax. It also grants exemptions for equity shares listed on a recognized stock exchange profits of banking deposits and companies working in the agricultural sector and fisheries. Marine and aerial transportation are also exempted under the principal of reciprocity.

Source: Government of Qatar