Daryan briefs Islamic council on his visit results to K.S.A

Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdel Latif Daryan presided on Saturday the regular meeting of the Higher Islamic Legitimate Council and briefed them on the results of his visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A), confirming that the” Kingdom– King , cabinet and people– supports the Lebanese unity and their coexistence and is willing to help Lebanon and support its stability(…) peace and security.”

The council praised the results of the Mufti’s visit and the accompanied delegation and thanked the Kingdom on its interest and support to the Lebanese issues and the Islamic affairs as well as its solidarity and support to Dar El-Fatwa.

The council issued a statement which said that “the legitimate council confirms that the visit of the President of the Republic Michel Aoun to the Saudi Kingdom and Qatar is a good start to restore the brethren Lebanese-Saudi and Qatari relations in favor of the Arab’s interest.”

The council hoped that the President’s visits as well as the other expected official visits would reflect positively on the Lebanese political economic and social atmospheres.

The council stressed their support to Prime Minister Hariri’s pursue and initiatives to promote living, political and economic growth and to re-activate the work of the public institutions.

The Council also stressed the political forces at the Parliament to adopt a fair electoral law that secures the national interest and the rights of all the components of the Lebanese people, noting that agreement on any electoral law which enjoys the Lebanese consent would promote national stability and security

The Council noted in their statement that the displaced Syrians’ case is not just a Lebanese issue but rather an international and Arab one which demands more international and Arab efforts to end it and secure the return of the said displaced to their country.

The Council strongly denounces the circulated information that “the new American administration intends to move the American Embassy (in Tel Aviv ) to the occupied Jerusalem which is the legitimate capital to the Arab Palestinian state.”

Source: National News Agency