DOHA, Qatar, Current crises on the international level require a fair and real reform of the Security Council, as part of the UN amendment, said Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sultan Al-Mureikhy, Sunday.

Speaking at the conclusion of a meeting held in Doha, on the UNSC reform, he reiterated Qatar’s commitment to continuing cooperation with the UN and working with member states, to overcome joint challenges.

He expressed his hope that the meeting would make a key step towards the UNSC reform, so as to enhance its efforts in maintaining international peace and security.

“We in Qatar are highly satisfied at the end of discussions, as we found transparency and frankness mirrored in stances and views of all participating groups during the meeting,” he said.

Despite sensitive and complicated matters discussed in the meeting, all participants shared the same concerns and problems, and had the same hopes and dreams towards a safe and better future for the humanity, he noted.
To achieve this, the UN should be able to address current challenges, and this was Qatar’s aim of holding the meeting in such a way, he pointed out.

He stressed that in light of peace and security risks, and responsibility upon all countries to achieve stability and peace in the world, discussions showed that the achievement of this goal requires an effective UNSC, to be able to overcome challenges the world is facing today.

The minister expressed his pride for hosting the very key meeting.

The two-day meeting gathered 30 countries representing groups seeking to get a UNSC permanent membership, groups for peace, as well as, Arab and African groups, and a number of prominent academics, experts and diplomats.