The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has warned against the spread of suspicious calls, which increased in the last period, as a caller from an international number notifies a sender about a big financial prize from a local telecom provider, after choosing a number in a public draw.

The caller tries to know the bank account of the claimed winner, and all details of this account, in order to transfer the financial prize.

Out of its keenness to protect the telecom service consumers in Qatar, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) warns consumers that in case of receiving suspicious calls from anyone from international numbers, or through programs like Whatsapp, imo, Viber and others, pretending to be an employee at their telecom provider, and asking them for personal information, financial details, verification code, password, or someone telling them that they have won a prize from the telecom provider, they have to be cautious and make sure not to respond to such caller, but rather end the call immediately, Amel Salem Al-Hanawi, CRA’s Consumer Affairs Manager, told Al Arab.

Source: Government of Qatar