The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) affirmed that the new amendments to the provisions of the Telecommunications Law were designed to strengthen the executive powers of the CRA, established by the Emiri Decree No.42 of 2014 to regulate ICT and Postal sectors and access to digital media.

The CRA also manages and allocates scarce national resources, such as spectrum, numbering and Internet domain names, protects consumers from misleading and unfair market practices, sets standards for quality of service and monitors compliance, and manages the dispute resolution system.

The new amendments under the aforementioned law will enhance the executive powers of the CRA, which will contribute in regulating ICT sector and monitor the compliance in a more effective manner. It will also enhance the sector performance and thrive a sustainable competition in the Qatari telecom market, benefiting both consumers and service providers, CRA president, Mohamed Ali al-Mannai, said.

Source: Government of Qatar