Court adjourns “terrorist cell” case to July 21

KUWAIT, June 1 (KUNA) — The court of appeals delayed on Wednesday looking into the “terrorist cell” case No. 302/2016, in which 26 defendants are involved, to July 21th for further questioning of the accused.
The court listened to a number of defendants at its hearing today.
During its recent session on April 20, the court asked the Public Prosecution to address some government bodies to send reports concerning some defendants involved in the case.
On January 12, 2016, the criminal court sentenced two of the defendants, the first and the 23rd one on the list of defendants in the terrorist cell, to death, while one of the accused in the 26 member cell was given a sentence of life imprisonment.
Other accused defendants in the case received sentences from five to ten to 15 years in prison.
One of them was fined about KD 5,000 while another was acquitted of all charges against him.
Furthermore, the court ordered the confiscation of all weapons that were possessed by the terrorist cell.
Last September, the public prosecutor lodged criminal charges against the terrorist cell known as the “Al-Abdali Cell,” in which 26 defendants were put on trial over possession of huge caches of weapons and ammunition, as well as espionage for Iran and Hezbollah. (end)