Commander of the American Central Region: The Red Sea and the western part of the island are safe areas for the transfer of forces in the event of war with Iran


Baghdad, The Commander of the Central Region, General Kenneth Mackenzie, said that the outbreak of war with Iran requires the redeployment of troops and equipment in safer areas of the Gulf.

McKinsey added in a press statement: that the Red Sea and the western part of the Arabian Peninsula provides the possibility of transporting these forces.

The commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, inspected 3 sites in the western region of Saudi Arabia, which Washington intends to use in any confrontation with Iran.

“The initiative to expand the access of the American armed forces, their weapons and their equipment to air bases and various Saudi structures was launched at least a year ago,” he added.

The “Defense One” website, which specializes in military and security affairs, stated that Washington is expanding its capabilities to carry out military operations, in the event of a war with Iran, from Saudi bases.

He pointed out that among these sites are the local military air bases, airports and ports in the western regions of Saudi Arabia, on which Washington has concluded preliminary agreements with Riyadh.

The site added that although the United States of America maintained its military presence in the Gulf countries, including in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, with thousands of soldiers and various weapons and equipment, the development of Iranian ballistic missile capabilities made this presence less effective, calling for strengthening the American military presence (deterrence) in peacetime and (offensive) in the event of war.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency